Welcome to Lukshmi Vilas Palace

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  • Well Furnished A.C. Rooms
  • 24 Hrs. Room Service
  • Travel Desk
  • Wi-Fi Facility


  • Well Furnished A.C. Rooms
  • 24 Hrs. Room Service
  • Travel Desk
  • Wi-Fi Facility


  • Well Furnished A.C. Rooms
  • 24 Hrs. Room Service
  • Travel Desk
  • Wi-Fi Facility

Historical Background

Have you Ever Thought of Getting Married Like a Princess in a Breathtakingly Beautiful Palace? Think Romantic Dreams, Indulge in Regal Fantasies and the Answer to any Dream is The Lukshmi Villas Palace in Vadodara. So, Take Your Ceremonial Vows in its Historic Environs to Make Your Fairy Tale Come True.
The Lukshmi Villas Palace Stands Proudly Amidst its Verdant Surroundings. The Fine Architectural Details can be seen Clearly as the Sun Shines Brightly on the Stones That Have Withstood The Passage of Centuries.


Experienced, trained and efficient team from all over the country.

Zealous banqueting staff complemented with world class service.

Premium crockery and cutlery to add to the royal experience.

Rich premium linen being laundered in an in-house laundry to ensure pristine quality.

House Keeping

Receptive housekeeping department equipped with advanced housekeeping equipment and gadgets to ensure best practices are followed.

High standards of hygiene maintained by all in house staff, monitored by professionally trained and experienced manager.


Experienced team, abreast with latest culinary trends, headed by a highly acclaimed chef.

An entire section dedicated to traditional Gujarati and Marwari cuisine.

Food processed, prepared and served for vegetarian and non vegetarian are routed in separate section.

All food suppliers are trained to meet our specific standards and are monitored regularly.

All food preparation area and mediums are cleaned as per HACCP regulation and cleaning agents used are of international reputation


Internet connectivity/Wi-Fi



Business Lounge


State of art concealed speaker system


PA System

Image Room Type Single Double Check
room_1 Standard Rooms Rs.6000 Rs.7500 View More

room_2 Deluxe Suites Rs.10,000 Rs.12,500 View More

room_3 Royal Suites Rs.18,000 Rs.22,500 View More

Heritage Holidays Summer Packages

Valid from 1st October 2015 to 30th September 2016

Room Type Double Description
Standard Rooms Rs. 19,999 These rates are Inclusive of Double Room for 2 nights with American Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. All applicable Taxes.
Extra Bed : Rs. 3000 per person per night with American Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. All applicable Taxes.
Deluxe Suites Rs. 20,999
Royal Suites Rs. 23,999


We are a 125 year old special historic property, not a regular hotel. Set amidst 360 degree of a perfectly manicured golf course.

In the very heart of the banyan city, our estate divides the old and the new.

Only a few minutes’ drive from all parts of the city.

Being a palace, star ratings will never affect your experience/celebration.

Spacious and secured parking area


The Lukshmi Villas Palace is a place to meet and celebrate. Any event assumes a special distinction – a grand banquet or a less formal luncheon, promotion, graduation, birthday or anniversary. Whether for 3 or 300 people, this organization combines detail and imagination to ensure that every function is well remarked and happily remembered.

The Lukshmi Villas Palace occupies the most prestigious five hundred acres of real estate in Baroda; in the heart of the city overlooking the glorious green expanse of the golf course. It embodies the highest service values, whilst its design and character exude 18th century glamour with a contemporary edge. It has one of Baroda’s most beautiful conferencing facilities. It offers latest technology with state-of-the-art Wi-Fi. The business lounge can be used as a small conference room or as a command centre from where you can orchestrate events in the bigger halls.


Child Friendly and Pet Friendly.

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DESTINATION : Vadodara, Gujarat
ADDRESS: LVP Banquets and Conventions, Lukshmi Vilas Palace, J N Marg, Baroda. Gujarat – 390001. India.
TELEPHONE: +91-8511116901