The Heritage Tourism Association (HTA) – Gujarat

The Heritage Tourism Association (HTA) of Gujarat | INDIAThe Heritage Tourism Association (HTA) is registered as a society under the Societies Registration Act ….and a trust under …Act

The Heritage Tourism Association (HTA) is a forum for the owners of heritage properties in Gujarat adapted for tourism. HTA’s membership covers owners of heritage properties that have been converted into hotels, resorts, homestays, museums, event venues, film shooting locations, institutes, etc open for tourists to visit. The mission of The Heritage Tourism Association (HTA) is to champion the cause of heritage tourism in Gujarat.

This is being done by:

Raising awareness about the Social, Economic and Environmental Benefits of Heritage Tourism among decision makers of the state and central government.

Bringing together members with travel agents, tour operators, event managers and other potential sources of tourism business.

Keeping members updated with policies, trends and tourism events that affect heritage businesses.

Maintaining a data base of architects, designers, decorators, engineers, financial institutions, vendors and service providers, and making the contact details available to members as required.

Holding regular meetings during which members can interact with each other

Associating with institutions that can provide skilled human resources for heritage hospitality sector.

The Membership Categories of The Heritage Tourism Association (HTA) are:

Heritage Hotels

Heritage Homes

Heritage Museums

Heritage Venues

Heritage properties at renovation/project/planning stage.